Ricki and the Flash.

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the 2015 comedy-drama film, Ricki and the Flash.

Ricki chased her dreams of becoming a famous rock star by abandoning her family. She gets a chance to put things right when her ex-husband Pete asks her to visit Indianapolis and help their estranged daughter Julie through a difficult time.

Ricki has a rock band that plays a regular gig at a small bar, when she’s not working as a cashier to make ends meet. Julie recently attempted suicide because her husband cheated on her and is divorcing her. Despite being broke, Ricki comes to Indianapolis to help her daughter, but Julie is hostile. Likewise, her two sons are hostile and unwelcoming. One is gay and the other recently became engaged, though no one told their mother.

Still, Ricki gets through to Julie. Unfortunately, her husband’s second wife, Maureen, returns unexpectedly, confronting Ricki with some hard truths. She wasn’t there for her children when they needed her and Maureen was. Ashamed, Ricki returns to her band in California angry and bitter, insulting her guitarist who is in love with her. He makes her realize he cares and they make love. Maureen sends Ricki an invitation to the son’s wedding as an olive branch, but Ricki can’t afford to go. Her boyfriend sells his best guitar to pay for the tickets.

Despite her attempts at reconciliation, she’s clearly still an outsider. The wedding guests look askance at Ricki when she gets up to toast the bride and groom. As her gift, having no money, she has her band take over and play for the guests. Her son and his bride start the wedding dance and slowly the guests join in.

It was a really entertaining film, with an interesting plot and some great directing. Edited well, and with a strong soundtrack – the film is probably more amusing than it should be. By far the highlight of the experience is the exceptional acting from all involved. Meryl Streep is supreme in the lead, and the supporting cast all work together to boost the collective performance (Sebastian Stan in particular was a highlight – that dancing!). It’s certainly a comedy that I’d recommend.


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