Demigods & Magicians.

I’ve just had the pleasure of reading the Greek-Egyptian crossover short stories by Rick Riordan that make up the small anthology, Demigods & Monsters.

The anthology itself contains 3 short stories, all following a similar pattern – what happens when Greek and Egyptian mythologies clash. The Son Of Sobek pits Carter Kane and Percy Jackson against a Son of Sobek – and the pair must learn to trust each other and work together to defeat the monster. It isn’t giving much away to say that they succeed, and that they part on friendly terms.

The next story, The Staff of Serapis, pits Annabeth Chase and Sadie Kane against the God Serapis – who is intent on creating a new Alexandria. Through their cunning and intellect, they manage to overcome the God and return him to whence he came, and they again parted on friendly terms. The final short story, The Crown of Ptolemy, sees Percy, Annabeth, Carter and Sadie team up to take on Setne, an evil magician intent on making himself a God (and a character from the Kane Chronicles series). The 4 Demigods & Magicians team up, and ultimately triumph against Setne. They mutually agree that it would be bad for too many people to know of the 2 sets of mythos, though they will need to team up in the future to deal with severe threats. The group goes their seperate ways, knowing that if they ever need help, the others will be there.

Each story was crafted superbly, and allowed for the perfect blend of Greek and Egyptian mythology. Rick Riordan has spent years creating magnificent and wonderful worlds, and it shows here in the seemless blend of 2 of his biggest series. The pairings in the first 2 stories are tried and tested – Percy fights first and plans later, Carter plans first; Annabeth plans first, whilst Sadie fights first and plans later – this is a method that has worked superbly throughout Rick’s storytelling. The final story rounds of the trilogy, and makes excellent use of both the plot and characters that have been crafted. It’s an excellent read, and a must for fans of Rick’s work. Definitely something that I’d recommend.

Demigods & Magicians

Thanks for reading.