This week I had the absolute pleasure of attending a screening of upcoming futuristic thriller, Narcopolis.

LONDON – 2022. With the manufacture and use of all recreational drugs legal but controlled and exploited by licensed drug companies, a new, unlicensed drug appears on the streets. One cop is forced to protect it from corrupt colleagues and a mysterious gang desperate to get it back.

Narcopolis is a futuristic thriller set in the near future where all classes of drugs have been legalized. Frank Grieves is a ‘Dreck’, a roaming narc responsible for keeping the black market dealers off the streets and the licenced drugs companies rich. When he discovers a rogue substance in an unidentified corpse, evidence suggests that Ambro, the most powerful drug manufacturer of all, are conducting secret tests on an experimental narcotic. Grieves discovers a second victim – this time alive – but she disappears and he is suddenly taken off the case by his superiors. As his options drain away, it’s clear that legalization has come at a heavy price. Is it too late to save the city?

Narcopolis was a very interesting film, with a plot that was both engaging and enlightening. The film was clearly directed and edited superbly well, and the soundtrack only added to the suspence and drama throughout. The superb acting from all involved only fueled the intrigue, and certainly made it easy to relate to each of the characters in different ways. Elliot Cowan, Elodie Yung, Jonathan Pryce, Robert Bathurst, James Callis, Cosima Shaw, Molly Gaisford, Josef Altin and Harry Lloyd all deserve superb credit for bringing the terrific characters to life (particularly Harry, who gave an astoundingly good performance during his screentime). As someone who gave money to the Kickstarter for the film, I’m absolutely delighted wih the way it turned out, and the terrific film that has been created. Overall, Narcopolis is a very entertaining film, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.


Thanks for reading.