Live At The Foxes Den.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the directorial debut of Michael Kristoff, Live At The Foxes Den.

Hotshot young attorney Bobby Kelly (Jackson Rathbone), who has it all – good looks, money and an engagement to the boss’ daughter – becomes disenchanted, ending his fast-track career to take a gig as the house singer at a rundown, old cocktail lounge. As he becomes entwined in the lives of the unique staff and eclectic regulars at the Foxes Den, Bobby slowly but surely finds himself, and perhaps even real love, as friends beg him not to “throw it all away.” But sometimes, getting lost is the only way to find your way back…

It was a terrific film, with an interesting plot and a collection of incredibly fascinating characters. The main strenght of the film is the top quality acting, with Jack Holmes, Elliott Gould, Brian Doyle-Murray, Pooch Hall, Bob Gunton and Caity Lotz all giving great performances. The clear star of the film, however, is most definitely Jackson Rathbone – his presence and charisma tie the entire film together, and his wonderful voice is the basis of a terrific soundtrack (also available to purchase, and I recommend that you do). Overall, an excellent film, and one that I’d definitely recommend.

Live At The Foxes Den

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