The World Of Ice & Fire.

I’ve just finished reading The World Of Ice & Fire, a companion book to A Song Of Ice And Fire series, written by George RR Martin, Elio M Garcia Jr & Linda Antonsson.

Written like a real history book, with conflicting accounts, it tells the stories of the history of Westeros, Essos and lands in between and elsewhere. There is a large focus on the Targaryen rule of Westeros, and it includes a lot of very in-depth and interesting information on all aspects of history, the world that George has created, and the people that inhabit the various realms. The artwork within is absolutely stunning, and is some of the best I’ve ever seen.

It’s an incredibly interesting read, serves as a truly fantastic companion to the book series, and is something that I cannot recommend highly enough for lovers of the series. It’s most definitey worth reading.

World of Ice and Fire UK

Thanks for reading.