Percy Jackson & The Greek Gods.

Today I finished reading Percy Jackson & The Greek Gods, by Rick Riordan.

The book serves as a supplement to the ever-fantastic Percy Jackson books, and the follow-up series Heroes Of Olympus. The book takes you through the creation of the world from the Ancient Greek perpective, the Titans, and eventually the Olympian Gods. We get to read stories about all 12 Olympians, as well as some other powerful and important Gods of Ancient Greece. The entire book is told from Percy Jackson’s point of view, which is a nice touch and certainly helps to make the stories more accesible to a younger generation. Overall, it’s an excellent book full of wonderful stories, and I can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone interested in Greek mythology, or fans of the series (whether they be young or old) – you’ll love it.

Percy Jackson & The Greek Gods

Thanks for reading.