Cowgirls ‘N Angels.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the 2012 American Family Film, Cowgirls ‘N Angels.

12-year old Ida Clayton (Bailee Madison) lives with her single mother, Elaine (Alicia Witt), but Ida’s summer days are boring and full of nothing to do, so she takes to sneaking off to rodeo shows in order to keep herself entertained. But Ida’s father, a man named Walker whom she never met, is a subject that Elaine refuses to speak about, and is part of the reason why she disapproves of rodeos.

When Ida is given the opportunity to tour America with America’s Sweethearts, a group of young women who perform at rodeos, Ida takes it, and after several scenes, Elaine approves. Ida quickly befriends the Sweethearts managers, Terence Parker (James Cromwell) and his daughter, Rebecca (Kathleen Rose Perkins). She sets off on a quest, looking for her father with the help of fellow Sweethearts: troubled, retiring alcoholic, Kansas (Dora Madison Burge); Madison (Leslie-Anne Huff); and Kansas’s new lover that Rebecca disapproves of, Justin Wood (Jackson Rathbone).

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but it was a very entertaining film that was beautifully acted. Everyone really did shine, and brought the story to life. It was impossible not to become emotionally invested in each and every one of the characters. It’s certainly a film that I’d recommend to anyone in need of some wholesome family entertainment.

Cowgirls N Angels

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