Moroccan Gigolos.

Today I’ve had the pleasure of watching the Canadian-Belgian comedy film, Moroccan Gigolos.

Three childhood friends dream of opening a snack bar, but are unlucky in finding work and money. An estate agent fnds them a location that she sells well, and they agree to get the money by the end of the month. Following a misadventure on the roads, they come up with a plan – become gigolos.

Within no time they have the money to open the snack bar, but find that business is not going as well as they’d hoped. They discover that the scholl opposite is actually a boarding school, and they get very little passer-by business. Soon enough, the snack bar is forced to close. One of the gigolos personal relationships is affected by the work once his fiance finds out, and everything falls apart.

Cut to one year later, when all 3 are still struggling for jobs and trying to make ammends for what they did. There’s a small resolution when the fiance forgives, and then another hair-brained scheme involving a garage begins to take shape…

It was a very entertaining film, with enough comedy moments during the gigolo montages to keep you howling with laughter for the entire film. The plot itself was also good, and the acting was superb. Excellent comedy performances from all involved made the film very entertaining, and there was enough drama to ensure that the talents of Francois Arnaud were certainly not wasted. Indeed, Francois gave an excellent performance throughout, even when doing some of the more unconventional scenes. Overall, a very entertaining film that I would certainly recommend.

Moroccan Gigolos

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