Prince Of Fools.

Today I’ve had the absolute pleasure of reading the latest offering from Mark Lawrence, Prince Of Fools. It’s the beginning of a new trilogy, The Red Queen’s War, set in the brillint Broken Empire.

Jalen Kendeth is tenth in line to the throne. While his grandmother, The Red Queen, shapes the destiny of millions, Prince Jalan persues his debauched pleasures. Until he gets entangled with Snorri ver Snagason, a huge Norse axe man, and dragged against his will to the icy north in a journey across half the Broken Empire.

On his travels he unearths that he, and the people he encounters, are but pieces in a game, part of a series of moves in the long war – and The Red Queen controls the board.

As with the previous trilogy, I was gripped immediately by an interesting main character. Jalen Kendeth is a very different main to Jorg, but just as complex and entertaining. Snorri ver Snagason makes an excellent companion too. The plot is superbly crafted, with excellent reveals and enough twists and turns to keep you constantly guessing. It was also great to learn more about the various aspects of the Empire from different perspectives to the ones we had previously. As with all of Mark Lawrence’s books so far, there are moments that make you laugh, moments that make you cry and moments that have you in absolute awe. For those fans of The Broken Empire trilogy, there are some delightful mentions and cameos that you will recognise and love, none moreso than everyone’s favourie making an appearance that ripped a belly-laugh right out of me. It’s a terrific read, and one that I thoroughly recommend to anyone who loves an epic tale.

Prince Of Fools

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