The Rise Of Nine.

Today I finally got around to reading The Rise Of Nine, book 3 of the Lorian Legacies series.

Picking up directly where The Power Of Six finished, the book follows the seperate journies of the main characters. Four and Nine form an entertaining brotherly-bond, whilst Six, Seven, Ten and eventually Eight also get together. Six ends up being captured by the FBI, who are working with the Mogadorians, and meets with Setracus Ra (Mogadorian Leader). This is followed by the greatest rescue mission of all time, involving all of the surviving Garde uniting (with the exception of Five, who is in Jamaica), saving Sarah from the same hellish prison, and a face off with an army of Mogadorians and Setracus. After some struggle, the Garde take down all of the Mogadorians in the prison, whilst Nine keeps Setracus at bay, barely (though Setracus does say that he had heard Nine would be his greatest challenge). When the Garde are on the brink of mounting a counter-attack, the Mogadorians and Setracus all vanish, and the book ends with the reunited and healed team trying to escape.

It was a very entertaining, fast-paced book that really feels like a rollercoaster ride. The further development of established characters, and the introduction of some interesting new ones, certainly made it all the more fun. Following on from The Power Of Six, I felt there may have been a change to my favourite character in the series (previously Six), and after The Rise Of Nine I have no doubt – Nine is definitely my favourite. He’s the most entertaining, complex and interesting character in the series to date. I can’t recommend this series highly enough, and I can’t wait until I can read the next book, The Fall Of Five.

The Rise Of Nine

Thanks for reading.