Kick-Ass 2.

Last night I had the absolute pleasure of watching British-American superhero action comedy Kick-Ass 2.

Dave Lizewski/Kick-Ass returns to his superhero career, joining a team of fellow vigilantes called “Justice Forever” while getting involved in a physical relationship with Night-Bitch. Mindy Macready decides to retire from her Hit-Girl persona at the request of her new guardian. Chris D’Amico resurfaces as the world’s first supervillain, calling himself “The Mother Fucker”, and hiring his own gang to get revenge on Kick-Ass for the death of his father, and establishing his own evil lair complete with giant shark tank.

The Motherfucker tracks down Colonel Stars and Stripes and has his gang decapitate him. He posts messages on Twitter saying this is only the beginning. He continues his quest to destroy anything Kick-Ass loves by tracking down Night Bitch and attempting to rape her. During the incident Mother Russia kills in excess of ten police officers.

This results in a police clamp down on all costumed villains and vigilantes, and the police arrest anyone they can find. When they come for Kick-Ass his father takes responsibility and is put in jail. The Motherfucker has him killed and sends a photograph to Dave. The other members of Justice Forever attend the funeral in sympathy with Dave, but the funeral is interrupted and Dave is kidnapped. Hit-Girl pursues and takes down a van of criminals. Motherfucker is waiting at his base and wondering why his gang have not yet returned. Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl arrive in full costume, and with all their hero friends as backup and the two gangs have a final showdown, with Kick-Ass chasing the Motherfucker, and Hit-Girl battling Mother Russia.

The fight moves to the rooftop and The Motherfucker falls through a skylight, Kick-Ass grabs his arm but The Motherfucker refuses to be saved and swears he will rise up again. He survives the fall, landing in the shark tank, only to be mauled by the shark. Hit-Girl struggles to fight the enormous Mother Russia, and takes out a syringe as a “last resort” and Mother Russia laughs at the tiny needle as being no harm to her, and injects Hit-Girl with adrenaline, so she is able to use the shattered glass from the skylight to repeatedly stab Mother Russia (resulting in the greatest comment of the entire film).

Dave decides it is time to end his life as a superhero and go back to a normal life. Hit-Girl leaves New York on her purple motorcycle. Chris D’Amico screams from his hospital bed, his legs are gone and he cannot move enough to sip a drink through a straw.

It was an amazing film, written and directed superbly. Every actor played a magnificent role, but special credit must go to Chloe Grace Moretz for once again stealing the show. It’s an absolute must-see, so get on it!

Kick Ass 2

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