The Big Wedding.

Last night I enjoyed watching The Big Wedding at the cinema. The Big Wedding is an American Romantic Comedy film, and is a remake of the French film Mon frere se marie.

Don survived 20 years before he and his wife Ellie got divorced. They never stopped loving each other though, since they have three beautiful children – Lyla, Jared, and Alejandro (who is adopted from Colombia). Ellie shows up at Don’s house. Bebe, Don’s girlfriend and Ellie’s former best friend, and Don enter the kitchen, clearly in love, and almost have sex, scaring Ellie. They make small talk, and he shows her to her room.

Alejandro and his fiancé Missy are in a meeting with Father Moinighan, the priest who will be marrying them. Alejandro’s biological mother Donna is going to be coming from Colombia to the wedding, which upsets Alejandro since they don’t have a traditional family. Lyla goes to the hospital. Her brother Jared (Topher Grace) is an OB at a hospital. She goes to see him and passes out at the sight of the babies. They talk and it is revealed that he is a virgin and is waiting for the “right one.”

Alejandro and Missy pick up Lyla and Jared at the airport, and they all go to dinner. Lyla just broke up with her husband Andrew. She doesn’t get along with Don. She also doesn’t feel good and throws up while hugging him. They talk about the wedding. They are going to Vietnam and Cambodia on their honeymoon. The conversation turns to Lyla and to why she broke up with Andrew. They were fighting all the time, and it’s revealed she can’t have children. She gets up and walks away from the table. She goes back to the house and sits on the diving board over the pool. Don goes to talk to her. He didn’t just cheat on Ellie – he cheated on the whole family.

Back at home, Alejandro tells Ellie about his mother coming to the wedding. She is a devout Catholic and doesn’t believe in divorce. For the next three days, Ellie and Don have to pretend to be married. If she was to know the truth, she would never come there. Ellie and Don agree to this, but obviously Bebe is upset. She decides to leave to make everything easier for him, however, she lashes out at Don.

Alejandro’s mother Donna arrives with Alejandro’s biological sister Nuria and lots of questions. They take her inside and realize they have pictures of Bebe around the house and they all quickly try to cover them up. Nuria sits on the dock of the lake and Jared goes to flirt with her. She invites him swimming but instead of wearing a bathing suit and strips and dives in naked. Everyone goes to the church to meet with Father Moinighan. Donna wants everyone to give confession, and although Don and Ellie are extremely nonreligious they get roped into it.

They all go out to dinner with Missy and her parents, Muffin and Barry. Missy tries to talk to Nuria and Donna in Spanish, but they don’t seem impressed. To their surprise, Bebe is their waitress. Meanwhile, Nuria starts touching Jared under the table while they all tell stories. Bebe watches in the background as they get emotional and she feels upset. Ellie goes after her and sees Nuria giving Jared a handjob, so she grabs her and they run off. Suddenly it starts to rain, and they all run inside. In the car on the way home, they try to cheer Lyla up as she tries to resist calling Andrew.

At home, Jared and Nuria talk. He finally wants to have sex, but she tells him no, but he can read poetry to her instead. Don wants to hook up with Ellie for old times’ sake, and they talk about their marriage and current love lives. In the morning, we hear loud sex sounds – they had sex for 40 minutes. Ellie and Donna go for a walk in the woods, but neither of them speaks the other’s language. Ellie tells her how happy she is to meet her. At the same time, Don and Lyla talk privately. She’s pregnant, but Andrew doesn’t know.

Bebe is at the house, and talks to Don. She’s being cold to him. He tries to tell her what’s going on, but she says “I’m not talking to you.” Jared walks in on Nuria doing stretches in the bedroom. She tells him she’s decided she’s not going to have sex with him because she doesn’t want to take his virginity away, since he’s waited so long for love.

Don and Ellie sit down to give Alejandro a gift. It’s a wooden box that he carved from a tree. It’s the wedding day and Bebe talks to Alejandro privately in the tent. Donna and Ellie come in, and Alejandro doesn’t let her leave, but instead tells his mother that Bebe is very special to him. Don comes in and lets the cat out of the bag that they had sex. Bebe says she forgives them but still punches him in the face. She also reveals that Ellie cheated on Don before he cheated on her – and with Missy’s father! However, Bebe was the only person she ever told because she was her best friend. Muffin and Barry come into the tent, and Muffin says that she knows about his cheating ways, and she’ll look the other way as long as he doesn’t care about her fetishes (being gay). Everyone goes out from the tent, and we see ALL the guests sitting there listening to everything being said. They can’t find Alejandro and Missy because they ran off to elope by the lake. Lyla tells her mother she’s pregnant and as they hug they notice them eloping.

Muffin goes crazy running after them and falls into the lake, of course causing Alejandro to jump in a get her. During the reception, Jared goes upstairs to talk to Nuria. Nuria tells him that it was Ellie that told her American women are more reserved sexually, and she agrees to sleep with him. Ellie goes to talk to Bebe. She knows that Bebe was always in love with Don, and she only made the first move because she wanted to make sure she was over him, and she is. She tells Bebe she was glad he turned to her after the divorce.

Andrew shows up at the wedding. Lyla goes into the house and slaps Don because she knows he called him. They have a heart to heart and make up. She goes outside and talks to Andrew. She tells him she’s pregnant, and he promises he will work on their marriage. Outside in front of everyone Don apologizes to Bebe, gives a nice speech, and proposes. Father Moinighan marries them on the spot. Donna, seeing what’s going on, goes off with Alejandro, and they speak in Spanish to one another, and she walks off. However, everyone else is happy, and they all dance together. In the future, Lyla gives birth to a girl named Jane and Don nails a wooden plaque with her name on it into the tree by the lake.

It was an entertaining film, providing plenty of laughs. The all-star cast did not disappoint, with Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace, Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams all giving excellent performances. Ben Barnes was superb as Alejandro, and managed to portray the only ‘calm’ character of the group terrifically. It was light-hearted and fun, and I recommend it.


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