I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the season finale of Nikita, ‘Til Death Do Us Part’.

The episode begins with an image of the President dead, and Nikita in the room with her. It then goes back to 12 hours previously, with Amanda forcing Nikita to kill the President. Nikita leaves clues for the rest of the gang to piece together before heading off to complete her final mission. The gang figure it out, and manage to intercept her. She tells them the real reason, and they go to find a cure for Michael whilst Nikita plays out the mission for the watching Amanda.

Michael and Alex locate another scientist who tells them that short of dying, he’d have to work on a cure with a living subject. They go to leave with him, but he drops dead from the neurotoxin – and it’s revealed that The Shop had implanted it to ensure he could never cure it. It’s also revealed that The Shop is headed by the mysterious man that Percy was trying to get in league with before his death, a memeber of The Group. Without the cure, they head back to Division, with Michael telling Nikita it’s ok (just as she’s reached the oval office, with some help from one of Amanda/The Shop’s agents).

She tells the President what happened, and the President picks up the gun and shoots herself. Nikita is then arrested and escorted by security, who are killed by The Shop’s agent. Birkhoff runs interference with some tech, giving Nikita enough time to kill him and escape. As they try to revive Michael, Amanda sends the rest of the Dirty 30 to attack Division and kill them all.

Sonia stays to try to revive Michael, whilst the rest defend each other. Birkhoff gets the most kills in, until eventually they are outnumbered. They are about to be killed when Nikita arrives and dispatches all of the remaining Dirty 30, before heading down to medical to see Michael. Everyone gathers as it appears Michael won’t wake up, but he eventually does. The gang leave Division behind and finally blow it up.

Amanda has now officially joined forces with The Shop and The Group, and it’s revealed that the real President is being held by them, and it was a copy that killed herself. The gang are all together in a hacker bunker, and watch as Nikita’s image is shown on global tv. They vow to fight it together, but as they’re discussing it Nikita slips away. Michael goes after her and finds her engagement ring. He tries to call her, but she throws her phone and drives off into the city to face her future alone.

It was a fantastic finale, that rounded off a lot of storylines, finally got rid of Division, and left just enough mystery, intrigue, and cliff hanger for the final season of 6 episodes. I can’t wait to see the story come full circle.

Thanks for reading.