Beauty And The Beast.

I’ve just enjoyed the season finale of Beauty & The Beast, ‘Never Turn Back’.

The episode began with JT discovering that the medication Vincent took is actually curing him permanently. Catherine goes to meet her Dad, who gets run over, and she gives blood to heal him should he need it. However, it turns out later that she is not his biological daughter. Catherine is then taken prisoner by Gabe, to assure Vincent’s compliance with the procedure to cure him. Vincent goes to save Catherine, but not before he’s told by Gabe’s now-ex-girlfriend (Vincent tried to use her to barter for Catherine, but Gabe told him to kill her) that an injection to activate his immune system will counter-act the cure. However, he still wants to do it the human way. Gabe’s ex escapes, but is shot dead by a mysterious man who’s been hunting for Gabe.

He gets there and gets Catherine out, but Gabe (in full beast) attacks. Catherine injects Vincent with a flu jab, and he beasts himself, and the 2 fight on even footing. However, Gabe gets the upper hand, and is about to kill Vincent when a chopper arrives and Gabe is shot dead. They capture Vincent, and the sniper is about to shoot Catherine when the mysterious man stops him, and says that it’s his daughter.

It was a great finale, rounding off the Gabe storyline, whilst adding plenty new mystery to unravel during season 2.

Thanks for reading.