I’ve just enjoyed the season finale of Supernatural, ‘Sacrifice’.

Crowley has decided his next victim is Jody Mills, who was close with Bobby while he was alive. Sam and Dean stop him from killing her however, by calling Crowley and promising the demon tablet in exchange for the angel tablet and to stop the trials. The Winchesters then retrieve the tablet for the trade from Kevin Tran, to whom they then give the key to the base/lair of the Men of Letters. Sam, Dean, and Crowley then meet up at Bobby’s old house, where the brothers pretend to make the deal, then capture Crowley in demon-binding handcuffs so they can use him for the third trial.

They take him to an abandoned church (consecrated ground), where Sam confesses his sins to purify his blood. Elsewhere, Castiel and Metatron try to complete the second Heaven trial by retrieving the bow of a cupid, but Naomi and her men kidnap Metatron and leave Castiel behind. Castiel asks Dean for help in completing the trial, while, against Dean’s better judgment, Sam stays behind to purify Crowley using his own purified blood and complete the third demon trial. Dean and Castiel convince a cherub they encounter to give them her bow, promising they will restore peace to Heaven. During his purification process, Crowley bites Sam’s hand and takes a mouthful of his blood, which he then uses to make a “call” to his demons, for help.

However, Abaddon arrives in an attempt to kill both of them and rule Hell herself. Crowley stalls while Sam douses her in Holy Fire, and Abaddon leaves her vessel and the building. Crowley then begs Sam to stop, saying “All I want is to be loved” causing them to realize the cure is working. Crowley also expresses some regret for his actions, wondering how he can even begin to ask for forgiveness and willingly goes along with the cure. In Heaven, Naomi has been torturing Metatron, but, upon learning the Winchesters have completed the second trial, leaves to find Dean and Castiel. Naomi warns Dean and Castiel that Metatron is lying, and really wants to expel all angels from Heaven as revenge for his own expulsion.

Naomi expresses regret for her transgressions, musing that the angels were supposed to protect humanity and lost sight of that somewhere along the way. Naomi also tells Dean that completing the demon trials will kill Sam; telling him that it was what God wanted as the “ultimate sacrifice”. Upon learning this, Dean demands to be taken back to Sam and Crowley. Before leaving, Naomi also offers Castiel the chance to return to Heaven. Castiel brings them back to the church where Sam and Crowley are, but then teleports back up to Heaven. Upon arriving, Castiel discovers Naomi’s dead body, killed by her own torture device. Metatron then ambushes him and tells Castiel that Naomi was right.

At the church, Sam does not care that this will kill him, telling Dean his greatest sin was letting his brother down, multiple times. Dean assures Sam of his love, and they stop the trial before its completion. Dean also says that with the information they’ve gained from the first two trials, they can turn the war of hunters against demons. Back in Heaven, Metatron extracts the strapped-down Castiel’s grace, the final component needed in the spell he is really working. He tells Castiel that he is now human, and asks him to live a full life, and when he dies, to find Metatron and tell him how it was.

Castiel is sent back to Earth, and Sam begins to collapse having given up on the trials. Dean carries him outside to the Impala. Meanwhile, Kevin is about to leave the base when the alarms start blaring, and an electronic map on a table is highlighting practically the entire world in supernatural activity. Dean, Sam, Castiel and Crowley look up into the night sky as thousands of angels begin to fall, and get ripped of their grace during the fall to Earth.

It was a great final episode, bringing the entire season of storylines together into one tight episode. The were twists, turns, surprises – and a whole lot of great moments. I can’t wait for next season to see how this particular story continues.

Thanks for reading.