The Borgias.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of The Borgias, ‘Relics’.

The episode begins with Caterina’s men wandering through a plague-infested village. They dust the plague off themselves, but take a piece of clothing and send it to the Pope. Cesare meets with one of Caterina’s allies, and reveals his massive army, made up of the French. This message reaches the Pope, who calls the generals. Luckily, Cesare arrives and explains it to his father, who instructs him to ride out. Cesare visits his sister in Naples, who has bene reunited with he rchild following King Ferdinand’s death, and she tells him that her husband is vying for the throne of Naples, and that he shouldn’t let the French have it.

The Pope is looking for ways to raise money, and a group of Jews arrive seeking safe harbour. He says he’ll let them in if they can pay, to which they offer a relic- the spear that touched Christ’s flesh. When this is presented, having been orchestrated by Cardinal Farnese, another Cardinal grows jealous and brings in his own spear, which is quickly rebuffed by the Jew and the Pope. The Pope agrees terms and lets the Jews in, whilst also discussing what other relics they may have.

Cesare instructs the Cardinal who receives Caterina’s message to burn it, but he opens it instead. He believes he has some powe rof Cesare now, and keeps it under wraps. Cesare meets with Caterina’s allies and offers them the choice of joining him or death. They choose to join. The combined forces move on Milan, to find the gates open. The Duke is gone, Da Vinci is gone, as are the armies. The city now belongs to France, and Cesare is relatively annoyed. The episode ends with the Cardinal’s servant, who opened Caterinas gift, becoming infested with plague, and the Cardinal raising the alarm.

It was a great episode, full of intrigue, and brash military moves and tactics. I can’t wait to see how the storyv continues next week.

Thanks for reading.