I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Nikita, ‘Invisible Hand’.

This week follows the team as they try to locate Amanda, who is working with The Shop. Nikita has one of her men search for the bodyguard that rescued Amanda, but he’s killed by the same individual, and the car Nikita is in gets taken over and crashed by The Shop – she only just escapes. However, Birkhoff recovers the car and finds a link to their network. He hacks in and locates where their current facility is, and who one of their targets is. They stop the assasination, and Nikita kills the bodyguard, Smith. In the process, however, the target was scratched by a knife. She then offered Alex a job as a UN envoy, which Alex seriously considers.

Nikita and Michael track the facility being used by The Shop, and just about manage to escape with one of the scientists. He explains the new nanovirus kill chip that The Shop use, and Nikita injects him with it for information on Amanda. He spills all he knows, but he then dies after the virus was activated. Inspection of his body shows an implant in his brain that allowed Amanda to hear everything.

The team realise that the original target is infected, and Alex and Michael go to save her, whilst Nikita goes after Amanda (whose location they have now also found). Michael and Alex manage to inject the only antidote they have into the proposed target. Nikita manages to find Amanda, alone and unarmed. However, she reveals that she had the nanovirus put into Michael’s new arm, and says Michael will only survive if Nikita kills the President. She then implants the same chip into Nikita’s brain as The Shop scientist had, so she can tell if Nikita warns anyone or not, and she can kill Michael.

Back at Division, Birkhoff digs up information on The Shop – they have facilities everywhere. However, their connection to them is closed once The Shop discovers what they’re doing. Nikita returns, and tells Michael she will marry him as soon as possible. She then checks Michaels’ blood and confirms that he has the nanovirus in his system.

It was a brilliant episode, making The Shop even more intriguing, Amanda more sinister, and providing a fantastic cliffhanger ready for next week’s finale. I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading.