I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Supernatural, ‘Clip Show’.

Searching through the Men of Letters archive for clues on how to cure a demon, Sam, Dean and Castiel locate a film of a strange exorcism. Investigating, Sam and Dean learn that the priests were testing out a theory that a demon could be cured of being a demon and that one continued his efforts until he was brutally killed. Listening to a recording of his last attempt, Sam and Dean learn that the priest succeeded and turned a demon back into a human and learn the process from his notes and the recording.

They put Abaddon back together to try it on her, but Crowley calls to reveal that he has begun killing people that they have saved and while they are distracted, Abaddon escapes. Sam and Dean race to protect Sarah Blake, but despite all of their efforts to protect her, they fail as Crowley has set up a spell to do the job rather than send demons. As Sarah dies, Crowley calls the Winchesters and taunts them, telling them that unless they surrender the demon tablet and stop the trials, he will kill everyone they have ever saved and will be keeping his demons away from them as insurance.

Despite this, Dean is determined to continue despite them having no demon to cure. At the same time, Castiel is approached by Metatron, who reveals Heaven is in chaos and wants to seal it up to prevent the war from spreading to Earth. He suggests Castiel do the three trials needed to seal Heaven and reveals the first is to kill a Nephilim (child of an angel and a human) and cut out their heart. Though Castiel is reluctant to kill the Nephilim they go after, as she is seemingly an innocent woman, when she attacks them, he kills her and completes the first trial.

It was a very interesting and all around strong episode, that really amped up the pressure for the characters for next week’s finale. I can’t wait to see it.

Thanks for reading.