The Mentalist.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the season finale of The Mentalist, ‘Red John’s Rules’.

The episode begins with Jane whittling down the list of Red John suspects to 7 possible names, but is interrupted from further work by a murder. When they arrive at the scene, jane immediately states that it is Red John himself, not a copycat. The young woman who was murdered has connections to Jane’s carnival past, and her missing baby also adds some pressure to the case.

The investigation leads Jane to another former carnival worker, the victims Uncle, who’s as hard to read as Jane is, and does an excellent job of spooking Lisbon. A plan that Jane sets in motion to draw out the killer fails initially, with both the baby’s father and uncle showing up. However, the second aspect of the plan reveals that it was indeed the social worker that took the baby, and helped Red John to kill the mother – a happy memory from Jane’s past.

Before killing herself on her way to the station, she gives jane a message from Red John. The message is read by Lorelei, and in it Red John states that he killed someone from Patrick’s past as Patrick has now upped the game, having shortened the list of suspetcs. He states that he is going to start killing again until he catches Jane, or Jane catches him. To add to that, he then reels off the 7 names that Jane has selected as suspects, each with their own possibilities.

It was a brilliant episode, that really added an extra level of intrigue to the Red John storyline. How does he know so much about Jane? How did he know the suspects that Jane narrowed it down to? And most importantly of all – who is Red John? We’ll have to wait until season 6 (or beyond) to find out, but I can’t wait.

Thanks for reading.