I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Revenge, ‘Engagement’.

Emily embraces Daniel and her new role as his fiance’, much to Victoria’s chagrin. She manages to pull Daniel’s strings and persuade him to move to Paris with her, and empty his Grayson account of funds. She also offers Charlotte the role of maid of honour at the wedding. Victoria accuses Emily of not loving Daniel at the engagement party, but Emily bites back with remarks about her father, and Victoria is soon silenced.

Jack show sup at the party to ask Emily if it’s true that she loved him (Victoria told him when he showed her evidence suggesting Conrad is cheating on her). She tells him it’s true, and that one day she’ll explain to him why she’s marrying a Grayson. Victoria and Jack strike up a deal to take down Conrad, though he’s now further in the running after he reveals his political rival has health issues.

Daniel leaves his engagement party to bail Charlotte out of jail after another night out with Regina leads to drink and drugs, only to learn that Charlotte is pregnant. Not knowing that Charlotte is already bailed out, Declan and Regina are trying to scrounge funds to bail he rout themselves.

Takeda and Aiden come to blows after Takeda reveals Aiden’s history to Daniel (Aiden’s father was the baggage handler for the doomed flight). Takeda has his own plans for revenge, and sees Aiden as a mistake, whilst Emily may be useful for a little longer. However, Aiden confronts him and the 2 fight to the death – with Aiden surviving. Aiden and Nolan plan to bankrupt the Graysons using his access as the Amanda Clarke Foundation treasurer, but as they do this (despite Emily telling them not to), it activates Carion, shutting down the power in all of New York.

It was a great episode, really stepping up as we move towards the two-part finale next week. I still want to know exactly what Takeda’s plan was, and I’m interested to see how all of the pieces of this season will fit together. I can’t wait for next week.

Thanks for reading.