Beauty And The Beast.

I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Beauty And The Beast, ‘Anniversary’.

This episode marks the 10 year anniversary of Vanessa Chandler’s death – and also of Vincent and Cat meeting for the first time. They visit Vanessa’s grave and find Gabe there. He tells Cat how he knew her mother, and she invites him to the family get togethe (which makes Vincent go ‘code yellow’). He also notices that she was moved, as the headstone is cracked.

At a park opening for the mayor, Vincent overhears Gabe talking about how the mayor wouldn’t like to see him angry (Hulk reference much?), and the mayor is then shot – leading Vincent to believe Gabe ordered the hit. When confronted, Gabe tells Cat that he’s investigating the headstone, and it leads them to a building fa rout of the city. They’re attacked by the sniper again, as Tess discovers that the target was Gabe.

Vincent saves the day, and he and Cat have a reunion (having fallen out over the Gabe thing) for their anniversary. They also manage to find Vanessa’s actual headstone in the back garden of the property. The episode ends with Gabe walking back to the barn and saying that Vanessa is dead, but they’ve found him, and they need to get to him quickly, before his eyes go ‘code yellow’.

It was a good episode, that dealt with a few of the mysteries surrounding Cat’s mother, whilst leaving enough open to keep her interesting. We finally got a clue as to who Gabe is – and I think he needs Vincent for help to stabilise his condition, but that’s just my theory. I guess we’ll find out in the coming episodes.

Thanks for reading.