The Vampire Diaries.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of The Vampire Diaires, ‘She’s Come Undone’.

Damon and Stefan try a brutal new approach to provoke Elena into turning her humanity back on, and Caroline is frustrated when her attempt to intervene backfires and she has to snap Elena’s neck. When Elena figures out a way to call the Salvatore brothers’ bluff – knowing they won’t actually hurt her, they call for backup from a surprising source – Katherine. After Katherine gets her efforts thrown back at her with Elena’s bile, she lets Elena go.

Matt gives Rebekah some unsolicited advice on her life choices, and she tries to help him in return by offering to help tutor him so that he doesn’t fail his classes. However, once Elena escapes, Matt goes looking for her. He’s the one that finds her, and she drinks his blood. Before she can drain him, Stefan and Damon arrive. Damon decides he’s had enough, and snaps Matt’s neck. This well and truly opens the floodgates for Elena, who’s emotions come flowing back, and it turns out Matt is wearing a Gilbert ring.

Caroline has a confusing and dangerous encounter with Klaus, who threatens her. It’s revealed to be Silas, who psychologically torments Caroline to make Bonnie reappear. It works, but not before he seriously harms Caroline’s mother. Bonnie puts Silas at ease, and Caroline manages to revive her mother. Katherine is suspicious when Bonnie makes her an offer that she promises will benefit them both – give her the tombstone of Silas, and she’ll make Katherine truly immortal, just like Silas In the end, she agrees to the deal.

It’s a good job too, as a now emotion-complete Elena has one thing on her mind – revenge. The person she blames for literally everything – Katherine. Not intent on merely hating, Elena says she will kill Katherine.

It was a good episode, with plenty psychological torture involved, and some interesting new aspects of characters revealed. I can’t wait for more in the next episode.

Thanks for reading.