I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Supernatural, ‘The Great Escapist’.

Kevin is held captive by Crowley in an illusion of Garth’s houseboat and is brought Crowley’s half of the demon tablet by two demons pretending to be Sam and Dean to translate. At the same time, the real Sam and Dean receive a message from Kevin saying he is likely dead and sending them all of his notes on the tablet. Though they are unable to figure anything about the third trial out from the notes, a symbol in them points to an Native American tribe in Colorado that they think Metatron might be connected to.

At a casino, they find the tribe is apparently gifted with immortality in exchange for giving Metatron gifts of stories, and manage to locate Metatron himself. Metatron explains that after God left, the Archangels decided to take over the universe themselves and not wanting that, he left and cut himself off so completely that he is unaware of who the Winchesters are or that the Archangels are all either trapped or dead. Sam and Dean try to convince Metatron to help them with their task.

Kevin figures out Crowley has captured him and confronts Crowley who tries to kill him as he is no more use to him, but Metatron rescues Kevin, who takes the second half of the tablet with him. Kevin and Metatron both reveal the third trial: to cure a demon. When asked how Metatron broke the angel wardings, he simply replied “I’m the scrobe of God, I erased them”.

At the same time, Castiel hides from the angels by visiting all the Biggerson’s in the country very quickly, but is eventually caught and Naomi reveals that she has wiped Castiel’s memory many times, and he has taken part in many atrocities he can’t remember. However, one of the angels, Ion, betrays them to Crowley who forces Naomi to flee and retrieves the angel tablet from Castiel’s stomach. After Kevin figures out the truth that he is trapped, Crowley leaves Castiel to Ion, who he eventually kills and manages to escape. He ends up on the road in front of Sam and Dean, badly injured and asks for their help.

It was a brilliant episode, not least because it introduced a completely awesome new angel to the fold – Metatron. He’s not an archangel, just a run-of-the-mill angel, but he knows stuff. I can’t wait to find out more in the next episode.

Thanks for reading.