The Mentalist.

I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of The Mentalist, ‘Red & Itchy’.

This week we finally get to find out the one thing that’s been driving us crazy since season 3 – what is in La Roche’s box?

The episode starts with a murder at La Roche’s house – he shot a thief, but another got away. They locate who did it, and discover that they were instructed to drop off the box for pickup. When Jane and La Roche go to find it, it’s alreay been taken. After evidence is found that links Brenda to the dead thief, Jane and La Roche set up a trap for her, as she is the CBI information leak that La Roche has been searching for.

Using the false pretence of going after a drug lord that she tipped off, they get footage of her warning the lord, before arresting her. She’s charged, but only after Jane destroys her character in the interview. Rigsby and Cho find the box, but Jane stops them opening it – even though he has no idea what’s in it. He returns it to La Roche, who says it reminds him of his mother, and of the depths a desperate man can go to.

Lisbon and the team discover that La Roche’s mother was raped for 2 hours 9 years ago, and later committed suicide. When Lisbon goes to the address, she discovers that the night before he was sent down, someone broke into the rapist’s house and cut out his tongue. They never found the tongue…

It was a brilliant episode, that finally revealed what was in the box, gave us some awesome back story and depth to La Roche, and even rounded off the Brenda-is-a-snitch storyline. I can’t wait for the season finale next week.

Thanks for reading.