The Borgias.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of The Borgias, ‘The Banquet Of Chestnuts’.

This week continued the Pope’s attempts at cleansing the College of Cardinals. After appointing Julia’s brother, and discovering that there is very little money left, the Pope agrees to help Venice battle against the Turks. At first, everyone is thrilled, with the chance of a religious campaign. However, the Pope decrees that taxes are to be increased to pay for it (and to replenish the Vatican’s treasury), much to the chagrin of those in attendance.

Lucrezia’s marriage to Alfonso is questioned by the King of Naples, as it was not consummated, and he demands to witness the consummation, along with Cesare. This clearly angers Cesare, but it has to be done to secure the alliance with Naples. Cesare tells Lucrezia that what happened will not happen again, before riding for France to get a bride of his own. Elsewhere, Micholetto locates the missing Cardinal, and mocks him before the Cardinal kills himself.

The Pope and Julia set up a special banquet in order to reveal the dirty secrets of the Cardinals, and Julia warns her brother not to go. The entire event is chronicled, with the Cardinals partaking in a variety of ‘unholy acts’. This is then read before the College of Cardinals and the Pope, who says that he will keep it a secret to ensure posterity (hidden undertone: loyalty). The episode ends with another gambit to unsettle the Pope by Caterina Sforza – an old lover returns, and she is then accused of infidelity when her husband comes for an annulment – and he names the Pope as the one she slept with.

It was another gripping and fantastically crafted episode. There are more and more twists and turns coming from every angle, and I can’t wait to see how the spiders web will look when it’s completed, and how it will all resolve.

Thanks for reading.