I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Revenge, ‘Identity’.

The majority of the episode follows Emily and Nolan’s attempts to bring The Falcon to justice. This involves a tricky gambit in which they trick Victoria into calling The Falcon over the phone, luring her to an arcade where Nolan baits her into a game of Street Fighter II. He’s the all-time record holder, apparently, and he makes a wager whereby if he defeats The Falcon, a woman named Edith, then she must do a job for him — essentially, she must erase all traces of his hacker past. Nolan easily secures the win, and hands Edith a flash drive with his files on them so she can begin doing her work. Yet the flash drive is revealed to be encrypted with a Trojan which uploads all of Edith’s information to Nolan’s computer, allowing him to learn everything about her.

He takes this information to the FBI, who arrest Edith on the spot, bringing The Falcon down, once and for all. This entire storyline was initially pretty jarring, since The Falcon was built as a potential overarching villain for the series, as opposed to a one-off “dragon” for our heroes to slay, en route to taking down the real power behind David Clarke and Padma’s demise. However, this was immensely satisfying, just the same. Nolan gets over being the sad sack he’d been, while Emily helps make up for having failed Nolan in his search for Padma by helping him bring down The Falcon. In a touching coda to the storyline, Emily scans the photo of The Falcon so Nolan can have the honors of placing the red X over her face, adding to the total of Grayson soldiers the tandem has brought down.

Meanwhile, Takeda visits Aiden and tries to put him off his feelings for Emily; Declan and Charlotte have issues when Charlotte goes out drinking instead of helping him with an essay like she promised, and then lying about it; Ashley and Jack delve more into Conrad’s dealings; and the episode ends with Victoria offering Nolan back his company, if he helps her track down he rlong lost son.

It was a great episode, with plenty of secrets revealed, and a big name crossed off the revenge list. I can’t wait to see who’s next in the coming episodes.

Thanks for reading.