I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Nikita, ‘Self-Destruct’.

This episode follows the aftermath of the mass-breakout from last week. However, it starts with Ryan waking up from his coma and resuming command of what’s left of Division. Nikita goes after Alex, tracking her to the slums, where she’s gone ninja on some drug barons. She steals all of their money, before heading to their HQ to perform a rescue mission (which appears to be suicide) for some prostitutes. Nikita has flashbacks to when Daniel was cleaned, and how she wanted to go on a suicide mission. Michael wouldn’t let her go, but Amanda said she could. When it came down to it – Nikita didn’t want to die.

Nikita tracks Alex to the HQ and breaks in to help her. They fight off the guards inside the building and the prostitutes escape. More heavily armed guards arrive and start shooting, and as the pair are about to run out of ammo the prostitutes return and attack the guards. All are dealt with except one, who then gets run over by Michael. They all head back to Division after Michael tells them of Ryan’s plan.

his plan is to set free the loyal Division agents that stayed behind to help, and then blow the facility to dust, with Ryan handing himself in to sell the story that something went wrong. The agents are set free, but Nikita, Michael and Alex manage to persuade them not to blow the facility up just yet.

It was a great episode, delving mor einto the back stories of the characters. Once again, it’s back down to a few against a few – just how the show was when it was at it’s best. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Thanks for reading.