The Mentalist.

I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of The Mentalist, ‘Red Velvet Cupcakes’.

A woman with marital problems is found murdered in interesting fashion (shot in the foot, shoes missing). With a story that led to a husband who liked it rough, and a talk show to help work through issues. Jane drops his Red John trailing when Lisbon asks for his help after they come up with nothing regarding motive or means.

Jane immediately has an idea, and sets it up so that Rigsby and Grace, undercover and having issues again (Rigsby is jealous, Grace is longing) can go on the show. They start off acting, but end up getting into their actual issues. The elaborate ploy of Jane’s works, and the killer is revealed, though it isn’t the host as originally thought – it’s his wife. She killed the woman out of jealousy, and protectiveness of her husband. The episode ends with Grace going to Rigsby’s house and kissing him, before the door closes as they go inside.

It was a good episode, sorting through the long-standing issues of Rigsby and Grace’s relationship. It gave Jane a chance to show off some more of his fun talent, and had some humour thrown in with the who-did-it drama. I can’t wait for the next episode.

Thanks for reading.