The Borgias.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the second episode of season 3 of The Borgias, ‘The Purge’.

This episode deals with the after effects of the assassination attempt on the Pope and the Borgia family. Rodrigo sets Cesare the task of discovering who is involved in the plot by Caterina Sforza, and he determines (with some interesting scenes of intrigue, manipulation and threat) that the great families of Rome are all involved. The Pope takes this information and uses it to get Cardinal Sforza to interrogate another Cardinal, with the help of Micholetto, into giving up the betrayers.

This occurs in front of the entire college of Cardinals, and he names and shames all who were involved. They are each stripped of their lands and titles. Meanwhile, the Pope has grown dissatisfied with Giulia Farnese, and plans to have her sent away to a palace. He does, however, get reinvigorated by Vanozza Cattaneo, the mother of his children. Also, Lucrezia is displeased that her fiance is to remain a virgin until his wedding night, and decides to tease Cesare. The two almost kiss, before being interrupted.

The episode ends with the defrocking of the treacherous Cardinals, and Orsini asks for a private confession with the Pope, who grants it. Orsini attacks the Pope with the Sforza dagger, but the Pope fends him off and kills him. Cesare, wondering what’s taking so long, enters to find his father covered in Orsini’s blood.

It was another terrific episode, playing more into the hands of the politically savvy. The purge of the college of Cardinals was well constructed, and it’s also interesting to see that the show is finally developing the relationship between Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia to what it is rumoured to have always been (there have been hints of teasing before, but nothing quite as obvious). It was interesting to note that Lucrezia was the instigator, and the storyline is one that will develop well over the season. I can’t wait for the next episode, to see what follows.

Thanks for reading.