Road Train.

I’ve just enjoyed the Australian horror film Road Train.

Driving through the Australian outback, best friends Marcus and Greg and their girlfriends, Nina and Liz, are confronted by a road train. The monstrous vehicle comes up behind their SUV and pushes them off the road. Greg’s arm is broken. The friends seek help from the driver of the truck, which has stopped some distance up the road. The driver is nowhere to be found. Distant gunshots are heard, and a distant, crazed figure in the bush screams and runs towards them. Panicked, the friends commandeer the truck.

Driving through the outback, the truck’s radio comes on by itself and lulls the four to sleep, leaving the truck to drive itself off the road and up a hill. Liz goes off in search of a shack she claims to have seen, while Marcus attempts to turn the truck around. When the truck refuses to start, he accompanies Liz, while Nina looks after Greg.

Nina discovers the truck’s fuel tanks are empty, but finds a large pipe hanging underneath the trailer, filled with a mysterious red goo. Greg, tormented by visions of Cerebus snarling and barking, finds a key to the trailers in the back of the cab and investigates the rearmost trailer. The trailer’s door closes itself behind him. Confused, Nina searches for Greg in the wilderness. Marcus and Liz have a disagreement and split up; Liz wanders off into the desert alone in search for the shack, while Marcus stays on the road. Marcus has a run-in with the truck’s driver, and Liz finds the shack, but it is rundown and abandoned.

Inside, she finds unlabeled cans also containing a mysterious red goo. Desperate for water, she drinks some, but quickly runs back to the truck after finding a bloody remains. Liz and Nina try to start the truck again, but they are attacked by a bewildered Marcus, who is now wearing the clothes of the truck driver and carrying his gun. The women overpower him, tying him onto the over-sized spare tire cage below one of the trailers, and resume trying to start the truck again.

Greg emerges from the trailers, looking much stronger than he went in, and kills Marcus. Liz tries to spot (guide) from the rear of the truck as Nina backs the truck up, but eventually hides to continue drinking more of the mysterious red goo. As she does, she is confronted by Greg, who seduces her into the rear trailer. Nina, unable to see Liz, exits the truck cab and is confronted by Greg. Greg attempts to seduce Nina into the rear trailer, but Nina is suspicious.

Once she hears Liz cry for help from inside the trailer, she pushes Greg in, latches the door, and padlocks it, securing Greg inside. Alone, Nina succeeds in turning the truck around and returns to the main road. There, she stops the truck and considers its trailers. She enters the forward trailer and is horrified to discover that it is an abattoir, grinding human bodies, including Marcus’s, into the red goo that fuels the truck. Shocked, she returns to the cab and drives off.

Moments later, she spots a car and tries to signal them for help. But the truck radio turns on again by itself and during the distraction, Greg and Liz break into the cab. As the three fight, Greg, taking control, rams the car. Liz is thrown from the cab. Nina is knocked out. When Nina awakens, she finds Greg dragging Liz’s body to the trailer. Greg again tries to persuade her to enter the trailer, claiming they have a magnificent opportunity. Nina plays along, then flees into the woods, with Greg in pursuit.

He catches her, but she manages to grab the truck driver’s gun and kill him. As she emerges from the woods, she spots the couple from the wrecked car searching the truck. She runs toward them, screaming warnings. But the couple, having been run off the road, hearing distant gunshots, and seeing a crazed, screaming figure running towards them, commandeer the truck and drive off. Nina watches in horror as the truck speeds away to begin a new cycle.

It was a fantastically disturbing horror film, with some enjoyable performances from everyone involved. Xavier Samuel was the stand-out of an overall great film. I certainly recommend it to horror fans.

Road Train

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