I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Nikita, ‘Masks’.

The episode starts with the revelation that Danforth has died. It’s clearly the work of Amanda, so Division send Owen to his apartment to clean up any traces. Whilst there, he’s blindsided by Amanda, who re-activates his memories (or at least, what he thinks are his memories). When Owen wakes up, he remembers some of his past (again, if it really was), and Nikita helps him to find the last surviving member of his unit – who he shoots in the head. He then captures Nikita and offers her to Amanda for money. Owen-Sam (Sam is his ‘real’ name) makes the trade, in promise of the black box to make him some serious money. Amanda plays her mind games with Nikita, revealing what she did to Alex – her entire time in captivity with Amanda was spent doing brain alterations – Larissa wasn’t even real – so that Amanda could use her for a coup.

Back at Division, Alex’s underground movement gathers in force, and they eventually take control of Division, and attack Birkhoff. Alex just about manages to stop them before they shoot him. An order is then issued over comms saying that if you aren’t with the new group, they’ll shoot on sight. Owen, who has the black box and played along with the usurpers to stay alive, calls Amanda to let her and Nikita know, and the episode ends with Amanda telling Owen that he’s resourceful and he’ll find a way out, and then telling Nikita that this is where it begins.

It was a good episode, that finally saw this usurping storyline come to a head. Next week’s episode will be interesting to see how they deal with it. The best part of this episode was definitely having Owen back, and revealing some of his past, and essentially turning him into a different character. How long it will last, and whether it’s actually true, remains to be seen, but it was a great showing from Devon Sawa in this episode. I can’t wait for more next week.

Thanks for reading.