I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Nikita, ‘Tipping Point’.

This week follows Michael as he tries to dig up dirt on the organisation that can give him his hand back, and they successfully make contact with him and Nikita. They gift Michael a new hand, and say they will perform the surgery to attach it, and give him the anti-rejection drugs, if Division obtains a device for them. They agree to do so, and get ahold of the device, losing an agent in the process. Michael and Nikita go to the meeting place, and Michael gets his new hand attached, whilst Nikita fights off the men who they stole the device from. She gives the device to ‘The Shop’ (Birkhoff’s name for this shadow organisation), and they complete the surgery – Michael has a new hand. The organisation behind it, ‘The Shop’, rmains a mystery to Division.

Meanwhile, there’s a mutiny at Division. After a failed attempt to take the trackers offline, Alex and Sean investigate (with Sonya). Once the agent dies on the side mission, recruitment for the mutiny increases, but eventually Sean manages to trap the ‘leader’. Whilst questioning her, Ryan finds out that the leader is actually Alex, who shoots him in the stomach. The other agent takes the blame, but Ryan is left in a coma having lost a lot of blood. The episode ends with Alex telling Nikita that recruits are fed up of Division being run by an inner circle (though it’s clear that Amanda did something to her, at this stage), and Nikita telling Ryan (still unconscious) that they can’t do it without him.

It was a strong episode, that introduced The Shop more impressively, and furthered the storyline of Amanda and Alex (as well as Owen too, even though he was absent from the episode, Amanda did the same to Alex that she did to Owen). I can’t wait to see where everything goes in the coming episodes.

Thanks for reading.