Being Human US.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Being Human US, ‘Always A Bridesmaid, Never Alive’.

Sally has a nightmare where she is carved up by Donna, and when she awakes she continues to memorize the spell Ilana had told her. Aidan keeps watch over Kenny, worried that he will become a deformed vampire like Jeff Westin. Josh reflects on the events as Nora wakes up, and asks him what he thinks about getting married that day, even though everything is different. Josh is worried, though, about Emily’s disappearance, but Nora assuages his feelings, as it takes time for the acceptance of the supernatural to set in, and that Emily will return when she is ready. Josh and Nora get dressed and go downstairs to discover Aidan has not only cooked breakfast but has also set up a chuppah. Aidan will officiate their wedding, as he has been ordained by the Universal Life Church over the internet.

Nora answers the door, as Kat has arrived to attend the wedding. Kat, however, is a bit uneasy about her relationship with Aidan as he disappeared during the night after they had sex. Nora goes upstairs to allow Aidan and Kat to talk. Nora checks up on Sally and finds that she is starting to slip faster, and Nora discovers that Sally is rotting away. Sally did not want to upset her, but Nora reveals they had chosen the day so Sally could attend. Aidan apologizes to Kat, explaining that he only acted as he did as it has been so long since his last relationship, but he wants it to work between them. Nora interrupts them to reveal Sally’s deterioration, and they decide to hold off the wedding to say their goodbyes to Sally.

Aidan asks Nora to have Kat leave for now due to Sally and Kenny in the house, admitting that she is his girlfriend, which surprises Nora and Josh more. With Kat gone, Josh and Aidan try to convince Sally to fight, as Aidan reveals it is inevitable that she goes through the Door, and Aidan says he will go with her to help her. Sally believes she can only go alone, but Josh realizes it is not a spiritual door but a portal to Donna. With Aidan resolved to go with her, Josh talks to Nora, worried about Donna’s power. Nora realizes Josh wants to go with them, and although he feels it should be their wedding and he would choose her, but she tells him he fell in love with him because of his conviction to his friends and tells him to go, and that they will be married when he returns.

Sally starts to feel sicker, but as Josh worries that it is her time, she is upset that he is constantly asking that and threatens to show them her rotting flesh if he asks again. Nora comes into the room, having revealed that as she discovered that Sally was about to die, again, she had gone shopping for Sally so she can decide how she wants to be dressed as a ghost this time around. With the boys out of the room, Nora has Sally try on outfit after outfit until she picks one she loves, just as she keels over in pain, realizing it is time. With her friends at her side, Sally apologizes to Nora that she will not be at the wedding, and tells her to look in her dresser, giving her her grandmother’s thaali that she wore at her own wedding.

As her death draws near she begins to feel afraid, as her original death was sudden, and Aidan walks her through it, assuaging her fears, just as she says her final goodbyes and passes away, this time in peace. It is only a few moments later that she feels herself awake, and she is a ghost, once more. Josh cannot see her, but Aidan says they do not have much time until the door to Donna arrives. Without hesitation, he thrusts his hand into Sally’s corpse, disgusting everyone, as he removes her heart, believing it will be the perfect weapon to use against Donna’s own black magic, as it has the most magical potential. As Josh worries about the time they have left, Sally, Aidan, and Nora all see the door. Josh says his goodbyes to Nora, as the three friends go through the portal, leaving Nora behind to pray that they return safely.

As they pass through the portal, Aidan sees visions of his past life, playing with his son Isaac in the woods, as Josh sees his inner wolf. However, Isaac is soon revealed to be a deformed vampire who attacks Aidan, and Josh is mauled by his inner wolf, just as the two wake up with Sally in what appears to be the soup kitchen. Josh can see Sally perfectly, as they are now in some alternate pocket dimension that Donna calls home. However, Donna knew that Sally would not go peacefully, and has brought Ray with her to protect her. However, Ray has no qualms with Aidan or Sally and Josh decides he has to confront Ray himself. Sally and Aidan confront Donna, who is surprised that Sally has not only a werewolf friend but a vampire friend, as well.

Sally demands that Donna tell her what she has planned for her, but because of Sally’s personality Donna reveals she will just use her as she has used the others rather than havin anything special set aside. Sally recites the incantation Ilana told her, but Donna simply brushes it off as she has only memorized it. Josh attempts to apologize for everything that he had done to Ray, stating he had no choice in the woods. Ray appears to be emotionally moved by Josh’s apologies, but it is all a farce as he attacks Josh. In the kitchen, Sally recites the incantation with more fervor, as it starts to have some effect on Donna. Ray appears to have the upper hand against Josh, but Josh turns the tables and once again uses something to bash Ray’s skull in.

In the kitchen, Sally’s recitations of the spell start to have some effect, and she and Aidan believe they have won, but Donna is not defeated, but her face is severely disfigured and old. Josh believes he has won just as Ray transforms into a wolf. Donna commends Ilana for her talent, but feels she was simply jealous of her, as she reveals the spell Sally learned was only a “truth face” spell. She also reveals she has been around since the 17th century, and after Aidan’s mention of Salem, she reveals he has been around for longer. Sally asks for Stevie and Nick to be let go, but Aidan reveals she has already eaten their souls. He attacks her, unable to use the lighter he has brought with him, but she pushes him aside with a magical push.

Josh taunts Ray, as he has always hated the man for turning him, and after threatening that he will kill Ray’s son, Ray lunges at him, just as Josh manages to take a nearby knife to behead Ray, killing him once and for all. Sally yells at Donna for all of the catches to her spells, but Donna simply calls it a balance. There was no way to save Stevie and Nick, and the recently revived always have the urge to see their loved ones, whose spirits make their way to Donna, but once Sally had to save her brother, everything changed once more, and she had to start rotting away. Donna is starving and prepares to eat Sally’s spirit, although commending her on fighting back.

Aidan, however, throws Sally’s heart into the flame Donna has made, and it begins to immolate Donna. However, Donna uses the flames to return the source of the magical pain to Sally, whose spirit goes up in flames. Sally says she loves Aidan and Josh before Donna uses a cleaver to disperse her spirit, ingesting the dust it has left behind. She regains her youthful complexion once more, and then tells Josh and Aidan that they should be proud of Sally for sticking around as long as she has even though most souls would be alone. Josh tells Donna Sally was never alone, but just as Donna says Sally’s fate was inevitable, she begins to radiate a bright light from within herself which begins to pierce through her body. She screams in agony and suddenly Josh, Aidan, and Sally’s spirit are back in the bedroom, and they realize they have won.

Sally is happy that she is back and finally not walking the Earth in her pajamas. Josh says that they should postpone their wedding until after the full moon so he can properly see Sally, but Emily arrives, having come to terms with the gang’s supernatural nature. When Josh tells her they will be postponing the wedding, Emily refuses, and forces them to have the wedding that day just as they had planned. Josh starts to get nervous, but Aidan reaffirms his convictions, as Nora is lucky to have him, a man who will give his life for her happiness, and that Aidan helping Josh at his wedding is the most human thing they could possibly do.

With Kat and Emily as her bridesmaids, Nora comes downstairs in her wedding dress. Aidan begins to officiate the proceedings, and as Sally exclaims that she hopes they wrote their own vows, Josh reveals he has done so. He says that he originally thought life was a series of choices that would lead to a happy life in the end, but he discovered that a life is actually a series of accidents, and he is happy that the accidents have led him to Nora, and he thanks her for choosing him. Nora kisses him, but has not written any vows of her own, and the couple kisses once more. Josh and Nora head out on their honeymoon with Aidan, Kat, Emily, and Sally bidding them a safe journey.

Emily goes back in the house, drinking some leftover champagne before blowing out a candelabra that had been left burning. As she leaves, the candles relight and the flames intensify in a supernatural manner as Sally watches on in fear before the flames go out on their own. Aidan entertains Kat for another meal, closing the door to the basement where Kenny sleeps, fully disfigured by the vampirism. In a cbain in the woods, Josh and Nora enjoy their honeymoon bed. When the fire dies low, Nora decides to get some more firewood rather than let Josh go out, but as she exits the cabin, Liam confronts her, his eye scarred over from the fight with Josh during the last full moon.

It was a brilliant episode, that really stepped up a gear for the show. It’s left open enough plot lines to round of the season spectacularly next week.

Thanks for reading.