I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Nikita, ‘Inevitability’.

In this episode, Nikita, Owen, Sean and the gang (well, most of them), go after a rogue military dictator who has a list of spies working abroad and is planning to sell it to the Russians. They’re plan is foiled by a rogue agent named Zoe, who Amanda sent to obtain the list, and succeeds. Alex didn’t go on the misison after arguing with Nikita, and Birkhoff refused to be involved as well. Zoe gives Amanda the list, she copies it, then hands it back to Zoe as her payment, before Zoe leaves.

Alex and Birkhoff tail Danforth to see what exactly they’re up against, and find a secret training facility where a team is preparing to destroy Division. They return with the information, and Alex loses it when Nikita refuses to kill Danforth, and goes to tell the entire of Division what’s been going on – including the President’s kill order on them. Nikita smoothes it over by saying they’ll deal with Zoe and then Danforth.

Nikita and Alex kill Zoe and the Russian agent, and they get the blame for the assassination. Nikita then shows up at Danforth’s house whilst he’s being threatened by Amanda (who clearly knows how everyone thinks). Nikita reveals that they’re reinstated Percy’s final black box, and opened a file specifically on that mission, including the order form Danforth himself to carry it out. They blackmail him into being their puppet, and he gets ther President to cancel the kill order on Division. The episode ends with Alex and Nikita reconciling (sort-of), and realising that Division is now free.

It was a great episode, showing off the best bits of everyone’s characters (and I especially loved Birkhoff’s Game Of Thrones reference). I can’t wait for more next week.

Thanks for reading.