The Mentalist.

I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of The Mentalist, ‘Behind The Red Curtain’.

The team investigates the murder of an actor who was killed the night before the opening of the show. After learning of her foster past, her finding her birth mother, and a massive scheme involving fake investors and LaRoche dressed like a pimp, but they eventually caught the killer.

Meanwhile, Jane hopes to get the information he needs on Red John from his accomplice, Jason Lennon, who was shot by Lorelei and left in a coma. He befriends a nurse, who informs him when Jason wakes up. Unfortunately, the mysterious agent sees him first and asks if Jason recognises him, and he says no. He then kills Jason by injecting air into his drip, and tells Jane he died of heart failure when he reaches the hospital.

It was a good episode, that moved the overall story on a little more. I will say, however, that if they wanted to repeat Andrew Scott’s performance as Moriarty in their show, why not just hire Andrew himself (the mysterious agent was clearly using him as an influence in the final scene)?

Thanks for reading.