Being Human US.

I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Being Human US, ‘If I Only Had A Raw Brain’.

Josh and Aidan fight after the vampires killed Pete the previous night, particularly because Aidan revealed the cure to the other vampires. Aidan says he did not mean for Pete to die, but Josh is upset that he even decided to help the others. Aidan goes to check on Kenny who has been told that he has a bone marrow donor match, but he does not want to go through the surgery and slim chance of success and would rather take his chances in the outside world. Aidan forbids him from leaving, but Kenny gives him an ultimatum: either he turns him now or Kenny leaves on his own accord. Aidan reluctantly agrees and sneaks Kenny out of the hospital, where he enjoys time out in the sunshine and playing with a dog. At the house, Sally begs for Nora and Josh to lock her up in her bedroom in case the hunger gets stronger.

After they reluctantly agree they find Aidan has returned to the house, and with Kenny. Aidan reveals to the others that he promised he would turn Kenny, and despite Josh’s misgivings on the previous events concerning Erin and Stevie, Nora says she believes they should help out anyone they can if they have the chance. Josh, Nora, and Sally decide to meet with Donna to get her to change things, and Josh has brought a gun along just in case, but when they get to the soup kitchen it has disappeared completely. With everything falling apart around them, Nora suggests to Josh that they get married in the next couple of days before Sally dies, again, as they would never invite either of their families along anyway.

Meanwhile, Sally goes to see Max, begging him for help after revealing the extent of her changes, particularly due to her discovery of an obituary for a lonely women who is intended for cremation, but Max does not let her eat, saying it is his job to watch after the dead. She tells him she would not come for his help in such a state because of her love for him, and he reveals he has loved her as well, but both proclamations come too late. At the house, Kenny is enjoying his day out in the world, having finally seen a Red Sox game, when Josh’s sister Emily drops by, invited by Nora, for the wedding which they will have in two days on Thursday. To celebrate, Emily takes Josh, Kenny, and Aidan to a strip club for Josh’s bachelor party.

Meanwhile, Sally is at the funeral home helping prep a body with Max, but when he leaves the room, she takes a bite, only to see Max’s body beneath her. She wakes up from this nightmare in terror, and discovers another open sore on her back. At the strip club, Kenny enjoys his first time there, with Emily revealing that one stripper in particular, Sadie, as well as several other strippers in the club are lesbians like herself. Josh and Aidan argue over the latter’s choice to turn Kenny, as Josh feels he resembles Henry, when Aidan stops Kenny from flaunting what will be his vampirism. While distracting Kenny, Aidan sees a figure watching him from across the room. Emily, however, has Sadie give Josh a lap dance for his bachelor party.

At the house, Nora tries to cheer Sally up by having a makeshift bachelorette party, complete with wine coolers and penis straws, as they talk plans for the wedding. In the private room, Sadie tries to get Josh to loosen up, but she is soon revealed to be a vampire after Josh’s werewolf blood, as he is now starting to smell like a wolf, again. Aidan stakes Sadie through the heart, saving Josh, but with Emily and Kenny viewing the events. Josh reveals the truth to Emily, that he and Nora are werewolves and Aidan is a vampire, and that they have all killed, but Emily is too upset, particularly after Josh equates his condition to her lesbianism, and storms off. Kenny, however, is worried that Aidan may have to turn the stake on him, but Aidan promises that his experience with all of his previous mistakes will mean the best for Kenny. With Kenny resting after Aidan’s bite, Josh and Aidan reconcile their differences about Pete’s death and the other events that have unfolded, and Josh realizes that despite their curses the can still be who they want to be.

Upstairs, Aidan talks to Sally, who reveals that she wants him to be the one to kill her should the hunger be too strong. Aidan tells her that they have gotten in touch with Ilana Myers who may know how to fight Donna. Sally is reluctant to go, but Aidan insists, and even allows her to eat his flesh to satisfy her hunger for the time being. After much difficulty in biting through Aidan’s stomach, Sally speaks with Ilana to try to figure what to do, revealing the same Door for Stevie and Nick, and Ilana realizes it must lead to somewhere on Earth rather than to the next world. Sally asks if she can avoid the Door, but Ilana realizes there would be no escape, but once she passes through she may be able to fight back. Sally is reluctant, but Ilana says she must be very powerful, as she has survived an exorcism, came back from the dead, and brought two souls back with her. Sally is ready, but Ilana tells her she must resolve any issues she has in this second life, and after Sally asks what she does afterwards, Ilana grabs an old book off of a shelf and asks how good Sally is at Latin, preparing her to learn some magic of her own. At the funeral home, Sally says goodbye to Max for the last time, knowing there may be no coming back for her, and Max is upset that he wanted to try everything to make their relationship work, something that pleases Sally.

Aidan leaves the house, still sore from Sally’s bite, when the hooded figure from the strip club attacks him, saying he is hungry. After a fight, during which the other man, a disfigured vampire, has the upperhand, but Aidan manages to stake him through the heart. As the vampire crumbles away, he asks why Aidan had done this to him, and his face becomes less disfigured as Aidan realizes the vampire was Kat’s ex-boyfriend Jeff Weston. Emily has not returned, and Nora tries to cheer Josh up saying she may come back, but Josh knows his sister is stubborn, and that with Emily gone, Liam wanting them dead, and the vampires would not heed Aidan’s requests, but Nora says all she needs for her wedding is him, and to prevent Sally from eating her.

Aidan goes to check on Kenny, worried that the virus has had some more side effects, but Kenny is still peacefully sleeping. Elsewhere, Ilana is woken up by a sound in her house, when she is accosted by Ray, seeking to know what she has told Sally. Ilana begs for Donna to leave Sally alone and attempts to banish the spirit from Ray’s body, before Ray snaps her neck and says Ilana picked the losing side in the fight.

It was a great episode that really started the build up to the season finale. Big things are in play, and I can’t wait to see them explored in the final 2 episodes.

Thanks for reading.