I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Supernatural, ‘Goodbye Stranger’.

After ruthlessly killing thousands of copies of Dean, a brainwashed Castiel is sent by Naomi to get the angel tablet before Crowley can get to it. At the same time, Sam and Dean find a case where people die of having their eyes burned out and organs liqufied and checking it out, discover that all of the people were possessed and digging for something. Trying to find out what the demons are looking for, they find out that Castiel is looking too and is in fact the one killing the people.

Castiel claims to be looking for the second half of the demon tablet while the demons are searching for Lucifer’s Crypts so they can find a parchment to translate it without a Prophet. Learning the location of the person telling the demons where to find the Crypts from a captured demon, the three find and rescue Meg, who is able to point them to the right Crypt as well as tell Sam and Dean the truth.

Searching the Crypt, Dean and Castiel find the tablet, but under Naomi’s control, Castiel tries to kill Dean. Castiel manages to break free and pick up the tablet, which severs Naomi’s connection with him completly. Castiel leaves to protect the tablet from all threats to it, including Dean. Crowley shows up and Meg holds him off to allow Sam, Dean and Castiel to escape. She succeeds, but Crowley kills her. He later meets with Naomi, who he shares a history with, though Naomi is at least somewhat satisfied as Castiel is doing what he is supposed to do. Dean, having learned the truth about Sam’s illness from Castiel, tells Sam to stop pretending and that he will help him carry the burden. Castiel is seen heading to an unknown destination on a bus away from his friends and enemies.

It was a great episode, really stepping up the overall story of the season. There were plenty of great guest stars, but it’s definitely sad to finally see Meg go. I can’t wait for more next week.

Thanks for reading.