I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Nikita, ‘The Life We’ve Chosen’.

This week we pick up exactly where we left off last time – Amanda has captured Alex and is questioning her. Alex makes a breakout attempt with the nurse looking out for her, but they are recaptured and the nurse is shot. Amanda decides to trade Alex for Ari, so that she can get into the black box (which is encrypted with dual logorythm passwords). They agree to make the trade, but Nikita wants to then rescue Ari back, with the help of Sean, Owen and Alex.

After the trade is made, Alex and Nikita argue about what to do next, and in the end they split up. Alex and Sean go to rescue the nurse, who unfortunately gets killed in crossfire. Owen and Nikita go to save Ari. Owen distracts all of the militia, Nikita kills Amanda’s bodyguard, and then Ari escapes from Amanda. Not a fan of losing Amanda shoots Ari, who dies in Nikita’s arms saying that it’s all about the life they lead. She realises that he’s stolen the black box back from Amanda for them.

Back in Division, Sean and Alex grow closer, whilst Nikita and Michael drift further apart. Overall, the unquestionable partnership of the series, Nikita and Alex, also becomes questionable at last (thanks to something Amanda said, of course), and the episode ends with some irony as Ryan walks in on the 2 and says they’re a great team.

It was a great episode, which really stepped up the overall storyline of going after Amanda, as well as progressing the personal relationships of the central characters. I was sad to see Ari go, especially in the end, but now it allows us to focus solely on Amanda, and the rest of the ‘dirty 30’. I can’t wait for more in the next episode.

Thanks for reading.