I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Revenge, ‘Retribution’.

We’re finally back after three weeks of recovering from Fauxmanda Clarke’s death on Revenge Season 2, and tonight’s emotional episode, “Retribution,” was worth the wait. First, Ems had to recover from the loss of her best friend, and then Jack got himself mixed up in the Grayson war.

Tonight’s installment saw a new, more determined side to Emily Thorne. She didn’t even need her black hoodie to get her revenge on, rejuvenated by this new loss. But she wasn’t the only one on a mission. Jack Porter woke up to the horrible news and quickly adapted, feeding Conrad Grayson a story that rivaled the best, and now that he has a taste of the truth, he’s not going to stop for anything.

He learns that Emily and Amanda went to juvie together, and now he’s only a few pieces of the puzzle away from uncovering Em’s real identity. And speaking about Emily’s identity, it looks like her foster brother, Eli James, is back. Will he recognize our favorite badass? That remains to be seen, but things are certainly about to get interesting in the Hamptons.

Meanwhile, Nolan gives up the programme to Padma after it’s confirmed that her father is alive. Daniel meets with Trask, the new Initiative operative, before getting rid of the camera in his office. Aiden manages to get himself on the Grayson Global board of directors, and then steals back Emily’s laptop from Jack once he finds it. Emily throws it into the ocean, saying she’s going back to basics – her only focus will be revenge.

It was a great, but very emotional, episode. I can’t wait to see where they take the series now, with so many things up in the air. I look forward to next week.

Thanks for reading.