The Mentalist.

I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of The Mentalist, ‘There Will Be Blood’.

In her attempt to find Red John’s role in her sister’s death, Lorelei Martins goes rogue. She shoots and kills the manager of a battered women’s shelter she thinks was involved in her sister’s death. Her righteous hunt gets worse from there – so bad, in fact, Homeland Security is brought into the picture. Her reign of terror leaves Patrick Jane (who broke her out of jail earlier) with considerable regret. Jane is forced to confess to Lisbon his part in Lorelei’s prison escape.

She’s involved in an attempted abduction of a trustee member of the shelter, and eventually tracks him to his home. She tortures him once she’s knocked Rigsby unconscious, until Jane arrives. Jane manages to get the information out of the man – Lorelei’s sister was targeted and killed by Red John. Lorelei kills the man, then goes after Red John alone, despite Jane’s warnings and without telling him who Red John is.

Homeland Security takes over the case, and 2 weeks later Lisbon takes Jane to a crime scene. The first thing we see is that famous red smile, and then we see Lorelei dead in a carnival warehouse. Jane states that she had a gun, before walking off.

It was a great episode, which brought everything back with avengeance. Red John and Lorelei’s retunrs were superb, and I can’t wait to see how things will progress now.

Thanks for reading.