Being Human US.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Being Human US, ‘Your Body Is A Condemned Wonderland’.

Aidan starts leaving the house more often to avoid being in contact with Nora. Meanwhile, Nora discovers the presence of Beth and Holly who taunt Josh without his knowledge and reveal more about the events of their deaths to Nora when Sally complains that they reappear in her room after dispersal. As Nora grieves over Erin and the deaths in the house, Sally checks up on her scalp, which is still rotting away. Liam calls Nora to give her wolfsbane to help her grieve, and she lets it slip that Brynn is dead, but covers up quickly after. At the hospital, Aidan tries to apologize to Nora, also revealing he has figured out that she killed Brynn. The two call a truce on their mutual dislike for the time being, but Nora still claims she will seek vengeance for Erin’s death. Aidan approaches Kat, trying to break off their relationship as to appease Nora, but Kat refuses the breakup and insists that they still go out the next night, the night of the full moon.

Sally tries to talk to Nick to see if he is experiencing any decomposition like her, as she cannot find Stevie, while he puts food out for a stray cat, but he ushers her out of the house, before checking up on a decomposing sore on his stomach. Josh and Nora go to an open house at a house out of their price range, and after the real estate agent leaves them alone, Josh proposes to Nora, and she accepts, before the proximity of the full moon enrages her libido. At the funeral home, Sally is amazed at the work of the embalmber’s wax that Max uses on a corpse he is preparing. Aidan and Kat flirt after she is done giving a lecture, until Liam and his men approach them. Aidan promises he will call Kat before the night is through, and willingly goes with Liam. At his residence in Boston, Liam tortures Aidan with various vampire-killing impliments, demanding to know what has happened to his daughter, but Aidan refuses to tell him the truth he has discovered.

At the funeral home, Sally tries to take some embalmer’s wax, and Max catches her, believing she is stealing formaldehyde to huff, until she reveals the truth about her previous death, and her decomposing sore, to him. He is appalled that she is technically a zombie and runs out of the room. At Zoe and Nick’s house, Nick watches the stray cat he has been feeding from a distance until he pounces on the cat, devouring it alive. Kat calls the brownstone and Josh picks up, asking if Aidan has returned to the house, before revealing to Josh that he went to speak with Liam, alone. Josh calls Nora, asking where Liam turns, and gathers ammunition and a silver-bladed knife before driving out to the mansion, where Liam is preparing to inject Aidan with a vial of virus-tainted whore’s blood. As the full moon nears its zenith, Josh storms into the mansion, just as Aidan lies to Liam to say that he killed Brynn as well. Josh fires a few rounds at Liam, but not before Liam injects Aidan. Josh fires off a few rounds just as Liam begins to turn into a wolf, and frantically tries to get Aidan free from the chains he is bound with, managing to get him free just as Liam has fully transformed. They run away, and in a last ditch effort Josh stabs Liam with the silver knife, only to be scratched by the transformed werewolf, and they make their escape by locking Liam in the torture chamber.

At the house, Max returns with a chest of mortuary tools, now ready to accept Sally for who she is and help her cover up her rotting sore. At Zoe and Nick’s, Nick cleans up the mess of killing the stray cat, before examining his chest to see his decomposition gone, and setting out another dish of cat food to catch his next meal. In the car, Josh and Aidan talk, with Josh realizing that Aidan has figured out what happened to Brynn and lied to Liam to save Nora and a means to make up for the deaths of Erin, Holly, and Beth. Josh tries to apologize for not coming sooner, just as Aidan begins to cough. They enter the house, and Max says he will call 911, but Josh, Aidan, and Sally simultaneously tell him not to. As Aidan and Josh head to the kitchen, Max demands to know the truth, but because Sally wants to protect her friends, he walks out in anger that she is still keeping secrets.

Aidan stitches up Josh’s wounds and Sally gives Aidan some of Kenny’s blood to heal, when Josh reveals that Liam has scratched him and he will turn into a werewolf on the next full moon. Sally tries to console him as they both realize that the virus is advancing through Aidan at an alarming rate. Sally asks if it can be stopped, but Aidan says there is no way, but she proclaims they will find a way. Later that night, Sally is ravenously hungry, emptying out the fridge, as Josh and Aidan reflect on their respective curses. Sally, still hungry, eyes a pack of raw ground beef in the fridge, and after proclaiming she will never stoop that low, she gives into her hunger and eats the raw meat, finally feeling some relief from the endless hunger she has had since her resurrection.

It was a brilliant episode, that really stepped things up to another level. Each of the central characters is at a pinacle point, and I can’t wait to see how they resolve all of these issues and continue to develop the story in the coming episodes.

Thanks for reading.