Once Upon A Time.

I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest epiosde of Once Upon A Time, ‘The Queen Is Dead’.

Snow White visits Johanna, an old friend of her mothers, after she finds that Johanna sent her the tiara that her mother gave her for her birthday. While visiting them she finds that Cora and Regina are looking for the Dark One’s dagger and rushes to find David, who has been ambushed by Hook. Mary Margaret and David go to Mother Superior to find The Dark One’s dagger, and when they find it, Regina and Cora request the dagger, or Johanna is going to die. Soon Mary Margaret realizes that Cora killed her mother in order for Regina to be queen. Cora ends up killing Johanna in order to show Mary Margaret that good will always lose, while evil prevails.

After spending the day in New York, Henry, Emma, Neal, and Mr. Gold go into Neal’s apartment, just as Captain Hook stabs Mr. Gold with his poisoned hook. Mr. Gold finds the only way to save his life is to go back to Storybrooke, and Emma finds that Neal is engaged after he offers to help get Mr Gold back to Storybrooke by sailing the Jolly Rodger.

In fairyland, Snow White is going to celebrate her birthday, and she finds that her mother has fallen ill. After taking advice from Johanna, Snow goes to the blue fairy for a remedy for her mothers illness, but finds that the only way to save her is to kill someone else. She refuses, and her mother dies. It’s revealed that Cora orchestrated the death, and the test (she masqueraded as the Blue Fairy), and also the meet between Snow and Regina.

The episode ends with everyone in a dire situation, and Snow comes to the realisation that it’s not everyone else that has to change, it’s her. When David asks what she means, she states she’s going to kill Cora.

It was a good episode that developed a lot of the storylines currently up in the air. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds in the coming episodes.

Thanks for reading.