I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest episode of Nikita, ‘With Fire’.

This week Ari hands himself in to Division, claiming that Amanda has stabbed him in the back and is now working with a terrorist. We see how Amanda betrayed him, and is using the terrorist to commit terrible acts across the country. Ari says he’ll help for a price – 50 million dollars.

The first attack goes down – a grenade in an elevator. The second happens – a drive by shooting. Nikita gets annoyed and starts torturing Ari, despite Owen being shot down for trying to do it earlier. Eventually, however, they figure out that Ari wants the money for his son, who Nikita spared a few years back. Owen and Alex manage to stop the 3rd attack by killing one of the operatives, but also notify Amanda that they’re on the trail.

After realising that Nikita is the only way to protect his son from Amanda, Ari gives them all of the information that they require to catch the terrorist. Amanda realises that it’s Ari that’s helping Division, and starts to get concerned. They reveal the identity of the terrorist, but Amanda shoots him on a live broadcast and notifies the police.

Amanda calls Nikita and says that she’s a hero too now, just like Nikita, and then states she will go after Ari’s son. Owen and Alex clean up the mess Amanda left behind (Owen doing his old job), before Nikita visits Ari – who reveals that the only thing left to fight for is his son. The episode ends with Nikita and Michael deciding to set a date for their wedding.

It was a great episode, and really got under the skin of what drives Ari. It’s the first time we really learn anything about him. The addition of Amanda’s grand scheme, and the returning Owen make it an all around great episode. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for reading.