I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Supernatural, ‘Man’s Best Friend With Benefits’.

Sam and Dean recieve a text from a cop who helped them on a previous case, James Frampton, asking for their help. Traveling to St. Louis, they learn that James has become a witch since they last met and is using it to solve cases as a police officer. Sam and Dean are unhappy due to their previous encounters with witches, but decide to give him a chance. James’ familiar, Portia approaches them revealing that she sent the text and that James is having dreams where he is killing people who are really dying. Though Dean wants to kill James, Sam convinces him to give them a chance to investigate, convinced that someone might be commiting the murders and placing the memories in James’ mind.

Sam and Dean chain James down, but while having sex with Portia who he is in a relationship with, James opens his mind to her and she sees his dreams and realizes that all he is seeing are the murders with no intent or planning to it and convinces Sam and Dean that James must be innocent. Dean finds a spell in Bobby’s notes that a witch could be using to implant false memories in James’ mind and realizing that the police detective investigating the case, Ed Stoltz, is hiding something, Sam, Dean and James use astral projection to visit the station and discover that Stoltz, who has a grudge against James, is building a case against him using a familiar of another witch as a witness.

James questions the familiar who admits that he was doing so on his master Spencer’s orders. Spencer kills his familiar and reveals he was jealous of James and Portia, wanting her as his familiar and lover. James battles Spencer to no avail, but when Portia creates a distraction, Sam and Dean kill Spencer with a witch-killing spell gotten from Bobby’s notes. James and Portia decide to leave town and start a new life together rather than fight the case building against him and Dean finally decides to trust Sam’s judgement that he can handle the trials after being reminded how important family is because of a psychic attack Spencer inflicted. However, while Sam insists that he is fine, he coughs up a bit of blood, indicating that not all is fine.

It was a great episode, which resolved a few issues and helped to set up the remainder of the season.

Thanks for reading.