The Mentalist.

I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of The Mentalist, ‘Red In Tooth And Claw’.

This week a scientist was murdered, and the team are called to investigate. They discover tales of relationship difficulaties, workplace bullying, and huge pressure at work, but eventually manage to find out who did it – a fellow PhD student who wanted some glory for himself. Jane used his fantastic memory and wiley tricks to prove to the entire PhD class who did it.

Meanwhile, Van Pelt was sent on a training course for a month (proably to cover up the fact that the actress is pregnant), but only received the funding after Jane showed the boss how to beat his poker tell. The episode ends with Jane then instructing Lisbon on how to play poker better.

It was a fun episode, with a great guest star (Rob Benedict), and some interesting extra storylines (Lisbon’s poker, and Rigsby’s infatuation with Van Pelt remaining). I can’t wait for more.

Thnaks for reading.