The Clone Wars.

I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of The Clone Wars, ‘The Jedi Who Knew Too Much’.

This week continued the storyline that began with the bombing of the Jedi Temple in the previous episode. Yoda gives a eulogy at the funeral of the Jedi who died, and Admiral Tarkin angers Ahsoka by telling her that the prisoner has been transferred to military custody. During a battle briefing, Tarkin says that the prisoner has requested a meeting with Ahsoka, so she goes (handing over her lightsaber in the process). Whilst alone in the room with her, the prisoner confesses it was a Jedi who put her up to it, before being Force choked to death. The camera make it look like it’s Ahsoka doing it, and she is arrested.

Anakin is refused permission to see her, but after she wakes from a sleep there’s a keycard outside her cell. She gets out, only to find the clone guards unconscious. She picks up her lightsabers and commlink (which had been conveniently placed), and goes to escape. What follows is a manhunt, with Anakin intervening and telling them not to kill her, only stun her, after 3 clones are found dead (by lightsaber wounds). Ahsoka didn’t do it, we know that much, but someone did. Ahsoka eventually uses her wit and skill to escape (though she does lose 1 lightsaber along the way), and gives Anakin a farewell before escaping.

It was a strong episode, with a great sense of gross injustice that will clearly continue over the next 2 episode until the end of the season, where hopefully we’ll learn exactly who is behind this (I already have suspicions, but I’ll keep it quiet for now).

Thanks for reading.