I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Supernatural, ‘Trial And Error.

After weeks of work, Kevin Tran finally cracks the instructions on how to close the gates of Hell and calls Sam and Dean. Kevin has learned that in order to do this, someone must complete three trials, the first of which is killing a hellhound and bathing in its blood. In order to find one, Sam tracks down the Cassity family in Idaho who struck oil where there should be none ten years ago, indicating they made a deal with a Crossroads Demon.

At the Cassity farm, Sam and Dean take jobs in order to keep an eye on the family and kill the hellhound that will be sent to collect the person’s soul. Believing it to be the owner, Alice, Sam and Dean miss the hellhound killing her husband Carl who they learn made a deal for Alice to fall in love with him. Realizing that there is still someone else who made a deal, Sam and Dean stick around to find and save that person. They eventually learn from Kevin that a pair of glasses scorched with Holy Fire will allow them to see the hellhound which is invisible to all but the person it is after.

The whole Cassity family arrives to comfort Alice and while Dean tries to find the hellhound, Sam focuses on finding which one of the bickering family members made the deal. Along the way, he learns that the deal was made with Crowley himself. Eventually, while trying to hunt what she believes is a wolf that killed Carl, Margo, the youngest family member is killed by the hellhound and it is learned that she believed her family would be happy if they struck oil. However, the hellhound sticks around so Sam and Dean realize that someone else made a deal as well.

It’s eventually learned that the ranch manager Ellie made a deal to save her mother from Parkinson’s disease. Dean battles the hellhound when it goes after Ellie, but when he fails, Sam kills it and is coated in its blood, making him the one to complete the trials. Sam and Dean give Ellie a hexbag and send her on the run from Crowley, believing that if she keeps hidden, Crowley won’t be able to send another hellhound to kill her. After convincing Dean that there is hope for life to continue after Hell is closed instead of it being a suicide mission like he believes, Sam casts the spell needed to start closing the gates.

It was a great episode, with a call back to earlier episodes that made it even more special. I’m loving the way that this season is going, and I can’t wait for more.

Thanks for reading.