I’ve just had the pleasure of watching the latest epiosde of Arrow, ‘The Odyssey’.

While confronting his mother, as the vigilante, Oliver lets his guard down and Moira manages to grab a gun and shoot Oliver in his chest. Seeking out Felicity for help, Oliver exposes his secret and asks that Felicity take him back to his hideout. With Diggle’s help, the bullet is removed and Oliver is stabilized.

While unconscious, Oliver has a flashback to his time on the island four-and-a-half years earlier and his encounter with Slade Wilson. Slade begins training Oliver for their assault on a supply aircraft, which Slade intends to use to escape from the island, and informs Oliver that the man that tortured him was Slade’s partner and friend who joined Fyers group of mercenaries when the pair were caught. After successfully infiltrating the airstrip, Slade reveals plans to send in an airstrike to wipe out all of Fyers’s operation. Oliver heads out to find Yao Fei and save him from the airstrike, but he is recaptured by Fyers.

Before he can be executed, Slade arrives, rescuing Oliver and killing his old partner. Although they miss the supply aircraft, Slade and Oliver decide to continue to work together to stop Fyers and find another way to get off the island. Fyers is revealed to be holding Yao Fei’s daughter, Shado, as a captive in order to force Yao Fei to work for him. Fyers is also connected to Malcolm and his crimminal organization based in Starling City, and it is he who is behind the funding of Fyers’ army.

Back in the present, Oliver awakens and Felicity agrees to help out with Oliver and Diggle in their quest to clean up Starling City of evil and corruption, but only until they find Walter. Although Diggle still believes that Moira is connected in some way to Walter’s dissappearance as well as to the corruption in Starling City, he relunctantly agrees to back off from purusing Moira following Oliver’s demands who continues to refuse to belive that his own mother is involved with the list of names or of the sabatoge of his father’s yacht.

It was a very entertaining episode, which rounded off a few storylines and started a few more. Everyone loves Deathstroke, right? I can’t wait for more.

Thanks for reading.