I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Revenge, ‘Union’.

We start this week with Nolan and Emily helping Aiden to track down his sister. Nolan discovers that she was killed 6 years ago, and after a heart to heart with Emily, Aiden walks away and leaves her alone. Meanwhile, Helen asks Daniel to make some risky investments, and Victoria recognises it as a sign of terrible things to come. She warns Daniel, which leads to Helen confronting her, saying she’ll kill Daniel if Victoria doesn’t hand over any evidence against The Initiative. Unfortunately for Helen, she underestimates Victoria, who shoots her and saves her son’s life.

Conrad’s plan for the waterfront is scuppered when Amanda uses Emily’s laptop full of secrets to blackmail him into giving Jack the Stowaway back. Unfortunately, his prospective business partner Nate isn’t too happy, and sets about ruining things. It’s the day of Amanda and jack’s wedding. It’s a beautiful beach ceremony, during which Aiden returns to show support for Emily. The episode ends with Aiden and Emily reuniting, and Jack and Amanda going on their honeymoon on the boat, unaware that Nate is on there with them…

It was a great episode, full of emotion and surprises. I can’t wait to see what further developments are in store in the next episode.

Thanks for reading.