I’ve just enjoyed the latest episode of Supernatural, ‘Everybody Hates Hitler’.

In Belarus, a giant man decimates a Nazi concentration camp while the camp guards desperatly try to stop him to no avail. The Commandant, Eckhart, casts a spell to escape that burns down the camp and a briefcase the Nazis were trying to protect.

In the present, a Rabbi, Rabbi Bass searches through a college library and finds a book that scares him. He makes a phone call before a mysterious man following him causes him to spontaniously combust. At the same time, Sam and Dean find the storehouse of the Men of Letters, and it’s abandoned, but still intact. After two weeks there, Sam discovers the death of Rabbi Bass and that he was a member of a secret order of rabbis called the Judah Initative that worked with the Men of Letters during World War Two, and they decide to investigate his death.

Sam and Dean find themselves followed by the man that decimated the camp, but a young man named Aaron stops him. Aaron is Rabbi Bass’ grandson and the last surviving descendant of the Initative. He was sent the man, a Golem, after his grandfather died, but lacks the knowledge of how to propely control him. Sam and Dean learn that Rabbi Bass always told tales of battling a society of Nazi necromancers called the Thule Society and find the book the Rabbi had found and hidden for Aaron.

The man who killed Rabbi Bass attacks Sam and Aaron and nearly kills them before the Golem kills him. The group learns the book is the Red Ledger, a logbook of experiments that the Thule performed and succeded in doing to learn how to resurrect people. Eckhart and three Thule arrive and take control of the Golem and take the Ledger. Eckhart reveals to Aaron how to take full control of the Golem, but before he can kill the three, Aaron creates a distraction allowing Sam and Dean to kill two of the Thule while the third escapes. Eckhart taunts them with the fact that the Thule can’t be stopped by them and they kill him.

After disposing of the Thule bodies, Aaron takes full control of the Golem to continue the fight against the Thule and Sam and Dean return to the storehouse where Sam catalogues the Red Ledger, taking on the duties of a Man of Letters.

It was an enjoyable episode, with some of the early season fun thrown back into it. I can’t wait to see how the overall story continues to develop with all of these new elements thrown in to it.

Thanks for reading.